Miniatures - The art of the sculpture, of Maurizio Colasante

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In this page there are some miniatures that I enjoyed creating during the past years.

First, you can see some pewter repousse pictures representing a variety of subjects with fabric frames.

Then, you can admire some wood showcases containing a miniature kitchen and bedroom, inclusive of miniature dolls: every single item was exclusively hand-made using a variety of materials.

A third showcase containing a living room with fireplace has already been sold.

The showpiece, though, is a crystal parallelepiped containing a mountain lodge.

It was built with real cemented stones and small logs.

All doors, gates, windows and shutters are perfectly working thanks to their small metal hinges and latches.

There are two sheds with all the necessary tools in place and, needless to say, the wood for the fireplace.

In the outdoor area, a part from a hedge, trees and other objects, you can admire a wonderful vegetable garden with lettuce, tomatoes and courgettes.

The furniture of the mountain lodge is currently under construction.

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