Furniture - The art of the sculpture, of Maurizio Colasante

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Let me show you now some of my works with furniture.

The picture slide below shows you some works that I have or I am currently manufacturing for private clients or other companies.

The range is from the single piece to the complete furniture fitting, from staircases to ceilings, preferably in solid timber.

As much as I enjoy crafting sculptures and gilding in my own little studio, I need the help of a few external companies and their adequate machines for the creation of some pieces of furniture work.

I also offer technical counselling services to the individual who is willing to create pieces of furniture for his home .

I am able to create pieces either from a sketch or from my imagination or that of a client.

All the pieces of furniture that I have produced so far show great attention to details, always taking into consideration the needs of the client and without sacrificing the aesthetic.

At the end of the day, even furniture is art.

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