The artist - The art of the sculpture, of Maurizio Colasante

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The artist

Maurizio Colasante was born in Pescasseroli, a small village in Abruzzo (south Italy), on January 3rd, 1959. He currently lives and works in Bergamo at 36 Strada al Mulino street.

Defined as a polyhedral and restless artist with a natural vocation for beauty, he starts as a young boy practising and excelling in all sorts of different works that require a manual creativity.

Maurizio is a character with a limitless imagination and intellectual capacity, whose broad variety of skills include wood carving, furniture and staircases design and manufacturing, restoration, creation of fabric and leather accessories for women, miniatures, reproduction of antiques frames using a 24K water gilding technique and much more.

Some of the frames present such an accurate craquelure that it’s hard to distinguish them from the original ones. Regardless of this variety of skills, Maurizio’s real passion is and has always been sculpture.

When asked the reason of his multi-skilling, he comments: “When I was a young boy I was creating my first wood sculptures, but I soon realised that my imagination was ever-expanding and that I needed to feed it evermore.

Nevertheless, considering the fact that it is very hard to make a living out of sculpture alone at the early stages of a career, I started to explore all types of works that could nourish both body and soul.

In the meantime, while I was experimenting with my work, I was studying and defining my sculptures, taking them to a whole new and unique singularity.

In my opinion, a work of art is not only the copy of something that already exists, but it has to speak and communicate to the observer in a comprehensive manner.

Art is for everyone and everyone has the right to understand it.

Thanks to the acquisition and mastering of as many skills as possible, I was able to conduct an internal research that could not have been possible otherwise”.

When observing his creations, it is easy to notice the maniacal attention applied in even the smallest of details.

He comments: “It’s true, perfection is out of this world, but we can get very close to it”.

The artist is able to take an object and to analyse it under every point of view, reaching a complete fission that will allow its transformation, regardless of what material, into a unique piece of art.

photo of the artist in 1974
first artist's studio opened in 1976
the artist in 2012 to deal with a stone sculpture
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